Horseshit Alley

This morning I rode fast laps with the guys from EnduranceWerx.

Fast laps is where several of us meet at 72nd and the transverse near Central Park West at some ungodly early hour then proceed to chase each other at high rates of speed around the six mile loop of the Park.

We dodge other cyclists, animals, runners and tourists. This morning it was raining so we rode through horseshit mixed with rainwater. It’s scintillating. You really should try it.

It reminded me of life a bit. Sometimes the thing you try to avoid is impossible to avoid. You just have to put your head down and ride through it.

Sure it will spray all over you, get in your eyes, in your mouth, on your hands. But after a few minutes of riding it will all wash away.

Really, there’s no moral to this story.

I just thought it was funny that the section we rode through with the horseshit is called Horseshit Alley. It gets that way because of the horse drawn carriages that pull tourists around the park congregate there. Apparently, the only place the horse’s poop is there. Who knows why. It can’t be the area. I feel I am susceptible to suggestive pooping and I feel no more desire to poop there than any other section of the park. So there’s no paranormal phenomenon happening there.

But I feel like I’ve touched a part of New York few ever see. Like I’m somehow a part of it now. Horseshit Alley is in me and I am in it.

After two showers and a bike scrubbing it may still be in me. But it’s not on me anymore. That is all.


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